OpenPaaS version 1.4., aka Canopus

Release notes for version 1.4.0


The February release of the OpenPaaS software is available for download and installation, using as usual, either the packages of your favorite Linux distribution, or the Docker Compose manifest.


It’s been 5 sprints, and around 1500 commits, since our last release. The team started to work on performances and security review on the platform, and the work is still an on-going. Moreover, we are preparing some game-changing features, like (video-conference integration)[], that couldn’t make it in 1.4, and will certainly be in the latest release.


Below are some of the new features and changes this new release brings on:

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New people API


A welcome simplification of the way to search for people on the platform, both for developers and end users. The new people API handles searching for domain users, contacts, LDAP users and also groups. You can access to this API documentation, alongside the others, on (the dedicated page of the doc website)[]. The OpenPaaS global search now uses this new API: no need to search both in Members and Contacts, now the lookup on both places !


Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox also benefits from the People API and should feel faster due to a more efficient avatar resolver, amongst other performances improvements. The composer also supports drag’n’drop of files to be used as attachments, which is something that lots of people were looking for.



The new Domain Addressbook is a way to share contacts between all the users of an OpenPaaS domain. Once enabled by domain administrators, access rules can be set just like any other addressbooks in the platform. And it also synchronizes on your phone.

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On a more technical topic, the James server is now scalable. It leverages the RabbitMQ/Cassandra technical blocks to achieve a full scale, zero downtime, email service on SMTP, IMAP, and JMAP protocols.