Enterprise Secure File Sharing

Transfer your Files with Confidence

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Advanced Security

...so you can have ease of mind

End-to-End Encryption

With secure end to end encryption, your confidential files stay confidential.

End to End

Notifications on Delivery & Download

Never lose track with notifications delivered to your email when your client downloads your files.

Activities logs

Activity Logs

Know who accessed your files and when.

Folder Sharing with Access Rights

Control who has access and what type of access they
have to your shared folder or files. Keep track of any
changes with detailed logs.

Share folders
Set expiration time

Set an Expiration

By setting an expiration, you can get your clients to download files sooner which in turn allows for faster turn cycles; reduces your risk; and de-clutters your drive on a constant basis.

And Much More . . .

Your Drive Grows with You

Unlimited drive space.
Upload files of any size.

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Many Languages

An International Digital Workplace
that brings teams and clients together.

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