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The open collaboration platform for business

Collaboration Reinvented

With OpenPaas, the digital collaboration between business partners is simple and efficient.

OpenPaaS is the new collaborative answer for today's users needs. It turns working together into an effortless and effective process. This B2B platform removes internal collaboration barriers and promotes digital openness by offering the possibility to integrate new products and external services via open APIs.

Your open evolution driven by a PaaS (Platform as a Service)

OpenPaas main goal is to reduce the gap between the new communication trends of the daily life and the outdated usage of software in business. Our ultimate mission is to help you achieve your full digital transformation.
The open source contributions available on the App-store enable the user to reinforce his platform with customized modules and adapt it to his specific professional needs.


Everything you need to collaborate efficiently


All the tools you need to design and edit your business documents.


Reach everyone, anytime, anywhere on anydevice.


Live the ultimate teamwork experience within your company.




An easy-to-use word processor for all your reports and summaries.


Gather and analyze all your data in one place.


Present your projects and your work using a simple and practical tool.


Unified inbox

More than a simple e-mail service, Unified Inbox allows you to bring together your social media accounts and synchronized communication channels so you can get notified, interact and edit content in one place.


Have all your professional, social and private contacts in one location, reach them via different communications channels and call them directly using your mobile.


Initiate a safe communication, anywhere with anybody, and bring real time conversation to the next level with a bunch of amazing and new features. Try right now!



Organize your collaborative activities in an efficient and time-saving way to reach higher productivity levels in your business. You also can delegate your calendar management to other colleagues.


Real time collaboration featuring an intuitive messaging system equipped with an interactive bot user and an effective sharing service.


Work on collective projects by creating work groups (communities) featuring other collaborative tools such as surveys and community events.


Built on standards, powered by passion


Neat, intuitive, easy to use and well documented. Don't waste time to understand how the things work and use them directly. Communicate, exchange, share from anywhere and from all kinds of devices. Use & feel this interface to bring your user experience to the next level.


Be effective : stay focused on your business and reduce the email overflow with all its distracting consequences. Build your own layout to maximize and to best match your needs. Be notified by the messages you choose, organize the interface and stay in perfect control of your time.

Anywhere on any device

Use your network from anywhere on any device : smartphone, tablet, laptop... The application design always fits to your screen and give you the best experience to access to the service.

Open API

Develop and contribute with your own hands ! Openpaas is built with standards and documented open API to allow everyone to have a strong interaction with features and services. Fit your needs, improve the product and connect to it any other systems you want.

What's Coming Next

Discuss, exchange

Propel collaboration at the heart of your company using an intuitive message system and easily discuss with each others in all simplicity.

Know your team

Learn who your colleagues are and what are their domains of competence. Connect your external social account to your own profile and discover new unknow relationship.

Use real time video

Video conference brings real time conversation to the next level. Discuss with one or many partners at the same time and in your favorite browser.

Find useful people

Looking for someone or searching an expert is not a problem anymore. Simply use the search engine to get accurate results and quickly be in touch !

Get connected

Connect your external accounts to import your contacts. Provide your addressbooks once... For all !

Create applications

Use a form generator to easily create polls and small business applications. Fulfill or assign them to your co-workers.

Try it

Build the future of collaboration with us !

Try it from Docker

Want to run OpenPaaS with Docker? This is easy with the help of docker-compose! Once you have the sources, just run:
PROVISION=true DOCKER_IP=[YOUR_DOCKER_IP] ESN_PATH=$PWD docker-compose -f ./docker/dockerfiles/platform/docker-compose-images.yml up
Where YOUR_DOCKER_IP is localhost on linux and probably if you use the default docker machine on OS X and Windows. ​
Launching the platform may take some time (1-2 minutes), grab a coffee and be ready for the next steps!​

Download Source From Github

You can also download the sources of the project on Github, and find all the available documentation here