The open source collaboration platform

Reshape your collaboration

With OpenPaas, digital collaboration is now simple and efficient.

Core applications such as mail, calendar and contacts are available in one place. Because it's free and open, you can deploy it into your own infrastructure or in the cloud.

Lead your own digital transformation

Our goal is to help you to fully achieve your digital transformation.

With OpenPaaS you can become a digital platform and act as a platform, by offering on-demand services to your users.

OpenPaaS Overview


External APIs

Connect external applications to our open API.


Allow external users to securely collaborate and share information with you.


Let other platforms talk to our.

Legacy Apps

Our platform can communicate with your current applications. No need to choose when you can have both!

Built on standards, powered by passion


Easy to use! Communicate and exchange whenever you are.


Be effective! Stay focused and get the work done.

Anywhere on any device

The application is designed to offer the best user experience on any device

What's coming next

Find your colleagues

Looking for someone is not a problem anymore. Simply use the search functionality and get instant results!

Get connected

Connect your external account to import your contacts and appointments

Extend the platform

Plug your existing application to the platform