OpenPaaS Core

All you need in a modern and modular platform

Built on solid grounds, modular and expendable by design.
A rock-solid heart: you can build and plug your own solution on top of it



Deploy it everywhere: on premises or remotely, bare-metal, in a virtual machine or using containers: the choice is yours.

Privacy & Security

OpenPaaS is an open and auditable platform. You control the data and you control the server.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms help the platform better predicts what a user will do over time: if a user is repeating the same action a couple of time, our platform will learn from it and suggests shortcuts to your user.

Big Data

Store a wide variety of data using state-of-the-art technology such as MongoDB and Cassandra.


Use elasticsearch to better search and find data.

Open API

Contribute! OpenPaas is based on open standards and comes with a documented API to allow everyone to interact with it.